Body Assembly Process -Pressing and Welding-

It is a manufacturing process key to achieving both compatibility and safety.
Even in equipment planning, emphasizing the harmony between people and facilities, designing lines flexibly requiring thorough pursuit of quality and efficiency.
In recent years, as the weight of the car body is required to be reduced, the technology of the press that aims to strengthen the body without increasing the thickness of the steel sheet is an important process that is responsible for the safety and design of the car body.
In addition to conventional technologies such as spot welding in which base materials are joined together by resistive heat, we are actively working on new technologies such as friction welding by friction heat and rivet method.

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Paint Process

This is the process to give vividly dressed and coloring to the gray iron colored mass.

  Painting is required for the function of the design that colors the car, the function as a guard to protect the car body from fading and scratches and also, the function of rust protection as well.

 Paint application and dry baking process is operated repeatedly in paint process. It takes approximately 8 hours to complete painting of one car.

Pint process is most energy consuming process in automotive plan. Therefore energy saving of this process is highly important.

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Final Assembly Process

Every parts have important function.
It is the process of Final assemble to attach parts without deviation of dimension and to breathe life as car.
Flexible thinking that will deal with electronicization, automation, weight reduction, and multifarious materials of automobiles will be required due to precision dealing with parts of thousands of units and progress of safety technology and material evolution.

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