FACTO things

■ FACTO things

In 2021, ICE and JIT launched "FACTO things", a packaging service for IIoT practice rooted in the manufacturing site.
Now, focucing to IIoT is necessary from the perspective of SDGs. Based on the experience of practical project execution and the knowledge of manufacturing till now, we will devise an IIoT solution according to each site situation and establish the system.

■ Monitoring

By sharing networked information with people in various positions involved in manufacturing and getting closer to the site, more data can be collected, exchanged, and analyzed from production lines and equipment.
This process begins with proper monitoring.
As a production technology expert, we at ICE will first strive to understand the circumstances of our customers, propose an easy-to-use monitoring mechanism that we actually require, and strive to help monetize production.

ICE in cooperation with JIT

■ ICE in cooperation with JIT

Since its establishment in 1994, ICE has been providing services related to production systems (manufacturing methods, process design, production equipment spec. desing, project management, etc.) in cooperation with customers and cooperating companies around the world.
Since the application of IIoT should be global and seamless as well, so ICE will support customers all over the world through IIoT in cooperation with JV (JIT) established in India.