Plant Design and Engineering

One stop support from acquisition of construction site to building · process design, construction, facility installation, commissioning and maintenance operation, construction of automobile factory with various facilities such as welding · painting · assembly · inspection · casting · processing and development facilities Offer We respond to needs such as refurbishment / expansion, seismic diagnosis / reinforcement work, renewal of electric / mechanical equipment, energy saving, etc. not only for factory establishment.

Major Project

Digital Engineering

In the automobile industry where virtualization is advancing, ICE has always been trying to incorporate new technology. In particular, digital engineering tools are an indispensable item of ICE, including verification of facilities and simulation of production capacity visualization of production production management system, leading to production prediction and preventive maintenance.

Project Management

Even if equipment and tools develop, people's work is absolutely necessary. We call project management a method that identifies quality, cost, and delivery time with strict eyes and promotes work.
Planning & Mobility is required to plan and carry out the project.